If you are interested in teaching a class or workshop at GO ART!, please complete the application. GO ART! will provide space and advertisement for your program on our website and social media pages. GO ART! will charge the client a percentage of the registration fee per participant. Questions may be directed to Gregory Hallock, Executive Director at ghallock@goart.org or by calling 585-343-9313.
GO ART! 201 East Main St Batavia, NY 14020
Gallery Hours: Thurs & Fri 11am-7pm, Sat 11am-4pm, second Sunday of each month from 11am-2pm and by appointment
Closed: Sun-Wed

The GO ART! - Galleries fill its exhibition calendar at least twelve months in advance in most cases.  Complete submissions are accepted on an on-going basis.  Annually, GO ART! will also present an advertised open-call to collect art applications for the purpose of scheduling events for the GO ART! Galleries.  We look forward to working with local artists for the future exhibits that will be planned!

We do not charge a fee to host an exhibit in our Gallery spaces but we do offer artists the chance to have their pieces for sale.  In the event that some of the pieces from the exhibit sell we charge a 20% commission on the sale price.

Jury Procedure

The GO ART! Gallery Committee will jury the artwork and create a schedule of events for the GO ART! Galleries. The Gallery Advisory Committee will then approve the proposed schedule.  After the exhibit schedule has been approved, the GO ART! Staff will send out acceptance letters and collect Gallery Contracts from the participating artists.  Exhibits dates will be confirmed and reserved when the artist hands-in the signed contract agreeing to the exhibition terms.

Quality of Artwork

  • must be professionally matted and framed / displayed; ready to hang
  • aesthetically show professional quality skills and techniques
  • conceptually show originality and creativity
  • artwork must fill the gallery space accordingly (single, duo or group exhibit) 

Scheduling Goals

  • schedule a diversity of media and concepts within a year’s exhibition plan
  • offer member shows 
  • offer exhibit times for professional artists
  • offer exhibit times for cultural collections

Our goal is to create a well-rounded exhibit schedule that meets the above requirements.

Gallery Submission

Please fill in the below form to submit artwork for consideration in our Gallery.

The New York State Council on the Arts and the Genesee -Orleans Regional Arts Council 
are vitally concerned with the success of every activity funded under DEC Grant Program.
Whenever possible, we would like to attend your project(s) and/or program(s) and would like also to include any public event information in our publicity. Please provide the information requested  at least one month in advance of the activity.

Remember: Eligibility for consideration for future Decentralization funding depends upon satisfactory completion of final report form.  Forms are due within 30 days of completion of your project or by January 30, 2019, whichever comes first.
Please complete report with final budget report,
Add one copy each of any photos, promotional materials, press releases, newspaper clippings etc. These must be included for the final report to be considered complete.
There is one form for all of the Decentralization Grants. Specific questions for specific grants are identified. If there is no designation, then all grantees must answer.

The GO ART! Community Arts Grants (Reach Grants) provide seed grants to individual artists, collectives and arts organizations for projects and activities that enable Genesee and Orleans counties communities to experience and engage with the performing, literary, media, and visual arts. 

Each year the program awards over $40,000 to support over 25 arts projects, including concerts, performances, public art, exhibitions, screenings, festivals, workshops, readings, and more. 

WHO MAY APPLY: Nonprofit organizations, individual artists with an eligible fiscal sponsor or community partner.

AWARD AMOUNT: $0 - $5000
The Community Arts Grant award will not fund more than 50% of an applicants’ total expenses. 

PROJECT PERIOD: January 1 – December 31, 2019

The GO ART! Individual Artist Commission (RIPPLE Grant) supports local, artist-initiated activity, and highlights the role of artists as important members of the community. The Commission is for artistic projects with outstanding artistic merit that work within a community setting. 

Up to four grants will be awarded per County. The project must take place in the same county the applicant artist permanently resides.

These grants are intended to engage artists creating new, original work, like composers, writers, and visual artists. Artists at various career stages are welcome to apply. 

The work must be artist initiated and reflect community life, culture, and/or engage local communities. The project should involve a segment of the community through some sort of feedback, response, interaction (such as a showing, exhibition, public performance, etc.), and/or social practice. 

WHO MAY APPLY: Individuals ONLY. 


PROJECT PERIOD: January 1 – December 31, 2019

The Arts Education Program (Spark Grant) is offered in two funding strands: K-12 In-School Projects and After-School and Community-based Learning. Funds can support arts education projects that take place in-school during the school day and/or in after-school and community-based settings for youth and/or senior learners. Emphasis is placed on the depth and quality of the creative process through which participants learn through or about the arts. Projects must focus on the exploration of art and the artistic process. Inter-curricular collaboration for in-school projects is encouraged but not required.  


Spark Grants strive to build the capacity of local teaching artists and nonprofit arts organizations while providing K-12 public school students and/or senior learners high-quality artistic learning experiences. 

· K-12 projects that address the Common Core Learning Standards will be reviewed favorably. 

Project Requirments:

· Sequential, skills-based study that incorporates one or more art forms and includes a minimum of 3 sequential hands-on learning sessions.

· In-depth, age and skills appropriate learning opportunities.

· Hands-on, participatory creation and/or learning opportunities in one or more art forms that may culminate in exhibitions, productions, or demonstrations.

· Stated learning goals, methodologies and outcomes and a means for evaluation.

· Spark Grant funds must not replace, or appear to replace, the role of certified arts teachers in schools.

· Support should be primarily directed toward artist fees but may include scholarship support, administrative support and the cost of materials.

· For ALL applicants working in partnership with a Public School: 

A letter of commitment from the partner school to the arts organization or artist must be included with the application in order to be eligible for funding. The letter of commitment must outline in detail the partner(s) support of the project (monetarily and otherwise) and anticipated roles and responsibilities for each partner involved. The partnership letter should be on the partner(s) letterhead and signed by the principal. 

· For artists or unincorporated entities working in partnership with a Community-based Organization:

A letter of commitment from the community-based partner to the artist arts organization or unincorporated entity must be included with the application in order to be eligible for funding. The letter of commitment must outline in detail the partner(s) support of the project (monetarily and otherwise) and anticipated roles and responsibilities for each partner involved. The partnership letter should be on the partner(s) letterhead and signed by the director of the partner organization.

It is recommended that support materials include lesson plans, evaluation plan, video/photo work. 

WHO MAY APPLY: Nonprofit organizations and individual artists partnering with eligible public schools. 

AWARD AMOUNT: $0 - $5000
The Arts Education Grant award will not fund more than 75% of an applicant’s total expenses. 

PROJECT PERIOD: January 1 – December 31, 2019

Genesee-Orleans Regional Arts Council